Adjoining Owner responses to Party Wall Notices

Why Dissent to the Party Wall Notice/s and appoint a Party Wall Surveyor?

If you are concerned about the extent of the work proposed by the Building Owner (your neighbour), or unsure how it will affect your property then it is best to consider having  a Party Wall Award and thus have professional representation reviewing the extent of works to the existing Party Wall or a proposed new extension up to the boundary

This approach may sometimes seem awkward with good neighbours but in the longer term it protects both the Building Owner and Adjoining Owners interests, especially considering your property may be worth a considerable sum.

The cost of appointing a Party Wall Surveyor is generally free for Adjoining Owners as this cost will be borne by the Building Owner undertaking the works.

If there are building issues during the works affecting your property then these can generally be resolved via direct communication with your appointed Adjoining Owners Surveyor

If there is possible damage to your property as a result of the said works this can be resolved directly by your appointed Adjoining Owners surveyor rather than having to enter into possible heated dialogue with Building Owners and possible subsequent legal action.

Want to Agree to the Building Owners Party Wall Notice/s?

It is our professional recommendation that if you do wish to Agree to the Building Owners Party Wall proposals then you consider having a Schedule of Condition prepared. This will :-

  1. Schedule the condition of the Party wall and adjacent building fabric and finishes from the Adjoining Owners property prior to the works.
  2. Offer a Photographic schedule of the condition of the areas prior to the proposed works so this is clearly recorded.
  3. Not cost you anything as this fee would be chargeable to the Building Owner

The Schedule of Condition prepared professionally, reviewed and signed by all parties can then be used as the basis of any review should there be considered damage as a result of the said Party Wall works

CP Party Wall Surveyors can offer this service once the Party Wall Notices have been served /acknowledged. However, the Adjoining Owner will clearly need to highlight that the Agreed, subject to a Schedule of Condition being suitably prepared.

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